My Birth Story: Natural Hospital Water Birth


April 1st finally came. I was 40 weeks pregnant (my due date). I went to my regular checkup with my midwife first thing in the morning. I was already 4 cm dilated at this point and she said that all I needed was some good contractions to push me over the edge into active labor. At this point I had already been having contractions on and off since 36 weeks (and many were regular, not just Braxton Hicks). So I was so ready to be over that at this point! I requested a membrane sweep which releases hormones naturally and can kick start labor if the baby is ready. Well that’s exactly what happened..

We got back home around 11am. It was just Camden and I. It was a Monday so Dan was at work. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and I began to have regular, timable contractions. They were coming every 5 ish minutes and lasting 45 seconds. I could still walk through them. We got back home, I sat on the exercise ball a bit, and I continued to time them. I went to the bathroom and they started to pick up and get more uncomfortable. It was hard for me to move when they came, so I decided it was time into call Dan and tell him it was game time. They always say the second baby comes quicker 🙄 so I was worried about getting there on time since it would be an hour before we made it to the hospital.

Around 3pm we dropped Camden off with a friend, and headed in! I had to focus in during contractions and breathe, but it was mostly pressure at that point and not so much pain. We checked into triage at the hospital and I was 5cm dilated, 75% effaced, and contractions were about every 3-5 minutes. We were admitted! Yay!

Now the wait comes… we got to our room and I was free to walk, sit on the birthing ball, whatever I needed to do. I still wasn’t really in “pain” so I spent the next long while pacing back and fourth in our room and bouncing on the ball. It was pretty chill during this time, Dan watched the Office. It was just us. The nurse came in periodically to monitor the baby’s heartbeat but I wasn’t hooked up to an IV (thank goodness) and I loved the freedom of letting my body just do its thing.

Midnight rolled around and I expressed my concern that my contractions weren’t getting worse and I felt like things weren’t progressing. I was starting to get tired but I wanted to remain active. The midwife checked me and I had only progressed to 6cm that whole time 😳. So my options were to keep doing my thing, to get an IV and start pitocin, or to break my water and see if that speeds things up. I was set on doing things non-medicated still since that was the only way to have a water birth. I chose to have he break my water. Literally right after contractions got more intense. I had to wait until I was 7-8 cm dilated to get into the birthing tub, so I stayed on the birthing ball beside the bed. I like to call this next part “Fast and Furious” because holy shit contractions got so crazy intense and super close together. I was riding this out for as long as I could stay sane but around 2am I asked to get in the tub because the pain was too much to handle (the water helps relieve some of the pressure). The midwife cleared me to get in but she didn’t check my cervix again, she said she could just tell by my contractions that I was close to transition. The nurse filled the tub and helped me in. I was on my hands and knees in there because I just wanted some of the pressure to be relieved. Literally as soon as I got in I started feeling push pressure like BAD and I couldn’t hold it back. I told the nurse right away (she was the only one in the room other than Dan) and she called the midwife and a couple other nurses in. One more contraction… all pushing and I couldn’t hold it back…another contraction and I yelled “he’s coming out” they ran over to catch him and told me his head is out and just one more push! We were all in shock and I was still on my hands and knees! The nurses helped me turn around in the tub and they set him on my chest. We just sat there in awe that it happened. No one knew he was going to come so fast. I was only in the tub for maybe 5 minutes! They waited until the cord stopped pulsing to cut it. From there, Dan took the baby to do skin to skin, while I got out of the tub and move to the bed to deliver the placenta.


I ended up with a 2nd degree tear and stitches. As soon as that was done, Dan handed Dylan to me and he latched and breastfed right away. It was truly amazing ❤️ we had a ton of time together before they asked to weigh and measure him too. I love that our hospital, nurses, and midwife were flexible enough to let us have the birth we wanted and the bonding that was important to us too. Dylan officially came at 2:21 am (about 10 hours after we checked into the hospital), weighing 8 lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches long. He is perfect ❤️


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