About Me

Welcome! My goal in writing is to reach out and inspire change. No matter what brings you here, I hope I can help you, guide you, inspire you, educate you, or simply satisfy your boredom.

My story:

As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my self image. I always wanted to be something I was not. The majority of my 20’s I fluctuated about 20 lbs, but I was never “overweight”. I held onto unhealthy behaviors of eating anything I wanted to, staying up late, and drinking way to much alcohol. My body hated me but it took me so long to listen.

In 2012 I decided to go gluten-free after my father was diagnosed with Celiac disease. This was my first step into truly attempting a healthier lifestyle. I started to feel better, more energy, more clarity, but my weight didn’t change much as I discovered that there are still many unhealthy foods that are gluten-free.

Fast forward 4 years, I was newly married, and I quit my well-paying secure corporate job to return to school. I had never finished my bachelor’s degree while trying to find myself years earlier, and I felt a void that my job simply could not fill. I found a job being a nanny for two little girls, and I was in school full time to get my degree in psychology. The summer after my first full year back at school (June 2015) I found out I was pregnant. My world flipped yet again. I HAD to finish my degree. I was stressed trying to figure out what would be the best career path in the shortest amount of time, and we were struggling to make ends meet as is. Long days combined with morning sickness brought on extra baby weight right from the beginning.

I ended up gaining a total of 56 lbs with my first pregnancy when the recommended gain is 25-30 lbs. Yet after I gave birth I came to realization that the weight does not just “fall off” while breastfeeding, and I began to struggle even more with my self-image. The first two months postpartum I didn’t even want to be in pictures. I remember seeing a picture of myself from the back and I was disgusted. It seemed shameful to feel this way, as I just gave birth to tiny human, but I was. There was no way around it.

I decided to start going to the gym. This was an event in itself trying to balance my husband’s busy work schedule around the 1 hour I wanted to be away. Plus, I had to pump so my son could be fed while I was away. I stuck with it for a couple weeks, but the stress of being away with the inability to balance my away time soon got to be too much. I quit.

6 months postpartum I was still holding on to 20 lbs of baby weight. I saw one of my friends post on Facebook about a plan working out at home, so I decided what the heck… I didn’t think at-home workout programs actually worked, but I really didn’t have another option that was reasonable for my busy mommy life.

That month was the most defining month for me. I found myself again. The weight slowly started to come off. I started feeling more energy, I was happier, I was treating my husband better, and my SELF was slowly piecing itself together. I felt like I had found a hidden treasure.

January 2017 I hit my goal weight of 140 lbs and I was able to fit into all of my old clothes, just 4 months after I had started working out at home. This propelled my passion for helping other people do the same. I knew I had a gift to share and it would be selfish of me to hold back. Hence the Motivational Mommy was born.

I feel confident to say that I have found the secret to having a balanced, healthy lifestyle, that actually works for a busy schedule. Now it is my mission to share my journey with others, inspire people to make changes of their own, and support them along the way. It’s not easy to make big life changes, but it is harder to be unhappy with yourself.

Thanks for reading

xo- Christy